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Forum Rules

Post by Tsi Talon » Mon Jul 24, 2017 3:05 pm

Welcome to The Rules – here you will find basic guidelines for posting on the forum, and potentially answers to a lot of basic questions (like “what can I post?” or “what is off limits?”). In general, the goal is not to give you a huge-ass list of things you can't do, and you should hopefully find that we're a pretty laid-back bunch as far as admins/mods go. The general topic/theme/etc of this board is the Honda Fury and Fury modifications, and the various sub-forums are set-up accordingly. There does exist an off-topic section, and you're encouraged to use it.

Basic Rules:

1.Most generally, don't be a jerk. What this means is no trolling, spamming, shilling, griefing, insulting, flaming, fighting, spitting, or otherwise acting in such a manner as to disappoint Mr Rogers. This is pretty easy to follow – don't cruise around looking to start trouble or be obnoxious, and there's no problem. If you disagree with something you've read, ask yourself if you can respond to the topic in a calm manner, and then do so – disagree with the statement/premise/facts and provide your own evidence/reason and move along. No need to “call them out” or otherwise instigate a flame-war; that shit never ends well, and it's also unwinnable for either side (arguing on the Internet and all that). That said, if you would not act a certain way in public, dont do it here. Keep in mind it is the internet and subject to misinterpretation.

2.No threatening people. Period. This isn't “tough guy cafe” and you can't bench 900 lbs and you don't have 50 guns that you love the same; leave that trash-talking BS at the door, and don't resort to “I'm going to fucking murder you” when you don't like how something is going. This is unfortunately becoming a chronic problem online, and it has very real ramifications – not only can it land your booty in legal trouble, but it also destroys communities. It doesn't make you look tough or cool to threaten people with insane violence, vulgar comments, and the like - but it DOES make people uncomfortable and can lead to a lot of bad blood and hurt feelings on both sides. If you're really that foamed up about something, take a break, go for a walk, etc.

3.Zero tolerance on spam. While we're generally pretty tolerant of differing points of view, opinions, backgrounds, and so on – we have a zero tolerance policy on spam. If you post any sort of advertising spam you will be banned immediately and permanently. This only applies to advertising spam. Multi-posting or other things like that are not “spam” under this definition; this is a very easy rule to follow in general practice.

General posting guidelines:

1.Profanity. Generally we're okay with this, but this isn't the 7th grade or Xbox Live – you don't need to use every curse you know in every sentence all the time just to show us that you can. But we aren't going to ban someone because they say shit once and again. Try not to direct profanity at other members – again, no insults.

2.Multi-posting is generally okay in a single thread (but please do use the edit button when possible), but starting 20 threads about the same topic will incur the wrath of an angry mod. You only need a single thread about your chosen topic – if it's in the wrong place, it will probably be moved (if you think it should be moved and that isn't happening, PM a mod or admin; it's super easy to move threads). Do NOT “bump” your thread for more replies after 20 minutes or after getting 1-2 responses; it's very obnoxious and comes across as whiney – if you get no replies it means that either the board is slow today, nobody has anything to contribute, or your question didn't make sense to anybody.

3.Images – images can be helpful in threads, but they can also be very distracting, annoying, and in some cases illegal. Posting pictures of your bike, or car, or high-score in Quake III is perfectly okay, and encouraged! The board should resize things to prevent screwing with margins, but if that isn't happening, try to resize the image and repost it; if it's a serious problem a mod can help you.

4.Off-topic questions, posts, etc are generally accepted, but try to find the best sub-forum to put them – if you want to ask about a movie, find the movies section, if you want to ask about sports, The Lounge is probably your best bet. Threads get derailed here relatively often; don't worry about it – if the topic is important just try to steer things back on course. If it's really out of hand, contact a mod and ask about it.

5.Private messaging – PM'ing is a great way to contact a single member about something you don't want to post in a thread, and we don't want to discourage its use. However it is NOT there for you to share warez or threaten people; the PM system is still moderated, so keep that in mind. If you want to talk about something insanely personal you might want to consider instant messaging or email.

6.Blog-style posts – these are allowed within reason. We are primarily a computer (and now light-sabers!) and computer modding forum, and the topics tend to lean towards the that side of things; we are NOT Blogspot. However posting about your Thanksgiving dinner, trip to Comic-Con, or brother's wedding is perfectly okay – just don't dominate the board with discussions about it; a single post in The Lounge is good enough. You'll also probably find a number of somewhat “blog-ish” threads around the board, like “What are you eating today?” or “What music are you listening to?” or “What pissed you off today?” - feel free to contribute.

7.Introduction posts – these are both okay and encouraged, but you should only need ONE introduction. If you want to do this (you are not required to do this) start a thread and tell us a little bit about yourself.

Stuff you should not post on PCM:

This stuff will be deleted on sight:

1.Pornography of any kind. We are not a porn website, and we do not want to become a porn website. So please help us keep it that way. The general limit for porn is essentially whatever cannot be legally worn in public in the USA. This means that full-frontal nudity is not okay, but people in swimsuits is generally okay. To give another example – Seven of Nine from Star Trek is okay to post, but naked images out of Playboy are not.

2.Shock images. There's very little wiggle room on this – please do not post images that exist purely to be gross, graphic, etc just to get a rise out of people. It doesn't serve any other purpose, and in many cases is NSFW content.

3.Warez and/or media piracy. Regardless of any political beliefs anyone might hold about software piracy and warez, the law says its a no-go, so its a no-go. If you have an issue with that, write your congressman.

4.Illegal drugs. Same as the above – if you have an issue, don't try to challenge it here, write your congressman.

5.Back-seat moderation. Just don't do it – it's obnoxious, petty, and doesn't help anything. If something is inflammatory, inappropriate, etc just use the reporting system and let a real mod or admin take care of it. You don't need to add your 2 cents to the discussion, because ultimately it doesn't do much but stir up more drama.

This stuff, done in excess, will get you in trouble:

1.Religious debates. We don't really care what or who you worship, but we also don't expect you to try and shove it down everyone's throats. Just accept that people have different beliefs and move on. This goes both ways however – you get to believe whatever you want, and nobody gets to bully you about it either.

2.Political debates. Political discussion is fine within reason, but please don't spend all your time posting about it, arguing about it, etc – it gets very old very quick. This also is not a town square or similar – it's a computer forum, so keep that in mind before you go off beating on people for their vote.

3.Bullshit posts. Yes this is a catch-all, but with reason – your post count is not an indication of how smart, clever, etc you are, and there is no reason to pad it. Posting an endless stream of inane babble is not cool, and we'd ask that you don't do it. This also includes drama posts – it's okay to talk about yourself, but again this isn't Blogspot or LiveJournal.

About signatures, avatars, profiles:

You can create your own avatar, sig, etc within the confines of what you're allowed to post. That means pics of your computer are okay, porno isn't. Links to your worklogs, personal blog, etc are generally okay too, as long as it isn't blatant spamming/advertising. Overall these things should be used to help establish your identity, not to troll or harass other people – having a sig along the lines of “Joe Member is a tool” is not okay (it will be deleted), but a link to your guide on how to paint a gas tank is fine. Your profile page allows you to put in some information about yourself, at your discretion – we don't suggest putting in all your vital personal stats; remember that this board does get crawled by Google and Yahoo, and is generally publicly visible.

Specific rules for the signature: you're limited to 2000 characters within a reasonable number of lines. What this means for the lay person – you can have a relatively large sig, with reasonable images (like a custom sig graphic) – that's acceptable. Having 2000 lines with one character per line, or putting in a 1280x1024 image, is NOT acceptable. If you're in doubt about what you want to put as a sig, feel free to ask a mod.

Specific rules for the avatar: you're limited to whatever the board engine accepts in terms of size and filetype; content is limited to what is allowed to be posted on PCM. You don't have to put a picture of yourself or your saber – a lot of people use images from movies, videogames, or other kinds of logos; be creative. You do not have to have an avatar, and you can change your avatar when you want. If you're having issues with the system accepting an upload, contact an admin about it.


1.Contacting mods/admins – in general a single PM is fine. Keep in mind that mods and admins here are volunteers, and have lives, jobs, families, and so on of their own. Don't be surprised if your message takes up to a day to get a response. If you've waited a day or two, feel free to try contacting someone else, or re-sending the message to the first person you tried to contact.

2.Not all issues require an admin – in general mods can handle problems you will encounter that deal with other users, posting limits, moving of threads, that sort of thing. The take-away here is that you shouldn't go “crying to the admin” at the first sign of trouble (because there are only 2 admins, but many mods – the idea there is that the workload is spread around, not just dumped in one person's lap). Further, in the vast majority of cases crying to an admin will not result in a different outcome (although it may incur their wrath).

3.Mods and admins will try to provide reasons as to why an action was taken. This does not mean, however, you can engage in a drama-storm of back and forth over having a post deleted or being banned. What it does mean is that you can expect to be told WHY a post was deleted or WHY you are being banned (although, in general, if you've followed the rules, you probably already know what went wrong).

4.Selling. It is allowed, we do not require that you join, or pay for a membership to share your items for sale. If you sell items for a living or to pad your income, feel free to share with us, but keep it on topic, be responsible and dont try to scam anyone. IP addresses are logged and illegal activity will be reported to the local authorities.

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