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Empty Hilt Install



Nano Biscotte v4

Panasonic® 18650 battery (optional recharge port/kill key or kill switch)

Charger (based on previous choice)

Choice of speaker

Custom machined chassis

Momentary Switch (lit or unlit, must specify color)

Flash on Clash (with proper LED selection)

Choice of LED, single or dual color tri (RGB is $25 extra due to parts), LED holder, lens and heatsink

Standard blade plug (custom one off plugs $20 extra)

Priority Shipping with tracking and insurance

(add'l features beyond the above will be charged accordingly)


Configure your custom hilt using the

MHS Builder at The Custom Saber Shop

You must verify all parts required are available, then send the parts list to the email address below and pay only once for the parts and install. Ill order the parts, do the install and ship to you. Documentation of progress will be posted to the forum. Lead time should be less than 3-4 weeks depending on the parts availability and delivery and customer queue load.

Additionally, a 5 year transferrable warranty on installed electronics is included. See stipulations here.


Here is an example of a saber that is 12.475" long and costs $106.75 in parts. Along with the above install, would cost you roughly $425 total.


I have local powder coating services available with many possible colors. Pricing depends on the coater and quotes can be arranged.


Minimal lathing can be performed on a per hour cost at this time, contact for pricing quote.


Feel free to send an email with your questions or for a quote.
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