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Electronics malfunction from time to time, however you need not worry when this happens.

Warranty only covers work or components installed in a hilt, but not the hilt itself. If there is a problem with a hilt you had me purchase, that will be handled before you ever receive it. All components received will be inspected and documented prior to any work being done. Any and all defects will be logged at time of receipt.



Warranty covers all electronics malfunctions, save for those that are deemed to have been caused by misuse. If any of the installed electronics fail within one year, repair or replacement will be no charge, not including sound cards if they are out of manufacturer warranty. If there is a failure within the two to five year time frame, parts will not be covered, but labor will.

Return shipping is included.


Not covered:

Warranty does not cover damage due to misuse, abuse or other tampering. Examples of misuse are as such: breaking wires while removing the chassis, attempting to dissasemble the chassis, damaging the speaker by poking it with your finger, or submerging the saber in water.

Labor is not included.

Return shipping is not included.


Attempts at fixing the saber will result in an immediate voiding of this warranty, regardless of who does the work.

Any work done in this case will be at the full labor rate plus parts.


Exceptions may only be made on a case by case basis.

Warranty terms are subject to change at any time, however, the warranty version in place at time of purchase will apply for the remainder of the specified time frame.


Custom blade plugs carry a 90 day warranty from date of receipt as shown by tracking number.

Standard blade plugs will carry a one year warranty, also from date of receipt.


Feel free to send an email with your questions or for a quote.
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